Tippy ash carrier - wide open fire 2

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Clean - empty your ashpan at the grate with no dust.

Efficient - return your ashpan to the grate immediately after emptying.

Safe - allow ash to cool in Tippy - no risk of setting your dustbin on fire.

Tippy ash carriers were invented to deal with the issue of ash disposal and removal from your fireplace or stove. They safely and cleanly enclose the hot ashes so that no more flooring will be spoiled or ashes blown in your face when you put them outside.

Made from high quality galvanised British steel a Tippy is the perfect solution to a messy problem. We make a wide variety of sizes to suit even the smallest and widest stoves.

Sizes for the wide open fire 2 model:

Width: 42cm (16.5")
Height: 10cm (4")
Depth: 43cm (17")

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