Trotec BM22 moisture meter

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The robust and easily exchangeable steel insertion measuring pins enable a solid connection to the test material and ensure reliable measuring results for the wood moisture measurement of sawn timber and firewood or the material moisture measurement on soft building materials such as gypsum, plaster or screed.

A bar scale and the additional direct moisture value display in absolute percentages simplify the reading of the moisture values. Two different scale ranges for wood and building materials increase the accuracy.

For wood moisture measurement a calibration curve is stored in the device, which corresponds to the average of the relevant kinds of wood in Europe based on a wood temperature of 20 °C.

Therefore, no further settings are required for a quick indication of the wood moisture content.

Switching from wood moisture mode to building moisture mode and back is affected by means of a convenient mode selection slide control. Integrated in the protective cap of the device is a reference adapter for the control of the battery status and functions.

  • BM22

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